Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm fairly sure that almost everyone is currently aware of the fact that it is now summer. Summer is a grand time of frolicking through meadows and swimming in lakes. However, I've heard some people say they are already bored of summer! Most of these people are highschool students that were begging for the end of school 1 month ago. These people don't seem to understand the concept of summer. Summer shouldn't be planned out. If you plan your entire summer shame on you. You're doing it wrong. The fun part of summer is that sometimes you don't know what to do. Because you don't know what to do you can choose from pretty much anything. Why would you ruin that by making plans? The rest of the year is for being confined to a system. There's a reason summer is isolated from the rest of the year. I think I'll go ahead and go partake in a unplanned, spontaneous summer activity.

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