Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Sims 2

Last night me and a friend were playing The Sims 2 for computer. Throughout my sim's life I managed to fulfill his lifetime want and max out all his skills. He's been married twice and never liked that much and he's got more money than God. So what do I do with a man that has everything? Usually he would just die of old age, but I have a special item that makes me live forever if I choose so. I've decided to come up with a poll for the masses (who seem to be nonexistent at the moment). I will fulfill whichever option gets the most votes.

A. Set him and his home on fire having him go out in a fiery blaze.
B. Drown him in the pool.
C. Let him die of old age.
D. Make him live forever, become a sim-vampire and destroy all other sims.
E. Other (Specify what you want him to do).

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